About Us

SopCast is devoted to build a platform for TV broadcasting and watching on Internet. From the first version was released in the end of 2004 till now, billions of users have experienced a revolution in TV watching experience brought by SopCast. SopCast has the leading technology of Stream over P2P (SoP). With this technology, SopCast enables any individual or organization that has media content to build its own TV platform at a low cost without any limitation of regions or amount on its channels. Moreover, users around the world will be able to watch TV programs for their hometown or foreign countries as long as they have an access to the internet.

SopCast.com has a media sharing website based on SoP technology. We provide any lover of TV broadcasting or user of commercial purpose with an opportunity to set up a free channel to share media content with people around the world. Besides, most users of our website can find something interesting to them on our website.

Furthermore, SopCast has successfully developed a serial of product (AllInOne Server, SopPod and HDPlayer) that can meet the different needs of internet users after long time of researching and testing.

Built up in 2004, SopCast team consists of experienced IT experts and engineers. Its strong research and managing ability laid a sound foundation for its past and future development.